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Vapor Cigarettes: The Smokeless Cigarette You Should Switch To

If you’re a reader of this blog, you might have a bit of an idea of what e-cigarettes are all about, or you could even be an advanced user with a favorite brand, flavor and a charger for your car, house, tool shed and computer.

But some readers surf in from Google or other blogs (or Reddit), and if you’ve been converted to the wonder of electronic cigarettes, you might sometimes forget what it was like to not be free of smoking. Even after two years of e-smoking, I’m still surprised at the number of people who stop and ask about my e-cigarette when I use it in public- e-cig users love to introduce smokers and future vapers to electronic cigarettes.

There’s an old saying about there being no zealot like a convert, but it is a rare tobacco smoker that doesn’t embrace electronic cigarettes like a long lost brother, and want to share their discovery with everyone alive. If you’re considering making the switch to vapor cigarettes, the internet is full of testimonials of gleeful smokeless cigarette users describing their positive experiences making the switch.

Cost is a huge factor in making the switch to vapor cigarettes- e-cigarette users even use little tally boxes on their forum profiles to track the savings they’ve amassed since making the switch to smokeless cigarettes. Even with heavy use, electronic cigarettes come in way, way cheaper than analog versions- which clock in at over $10 a pack in some states right now. (A number steadily climbing each year.)

Health is another reason vapor cigarette users evangelize the devices. While long-term effects are still being studied, the effects of heavily cutting down or quitting tobacco entirely are undisputed.

Smokeless cigarette users often report enhanced ability to smell and taste things, as well as losing their “smoker’s cough.” Perhaps most importantly, vapor cigarettes, as their name insinuates, deliver nicotine to users without secondhand smoke, keeping homes tobacco-smoke free and allowing you to use your e-cig pretty much everywhere. (Except planes.)

If you’ve come across this blog because you’re thinking of making the switch, the electronic cigarette market is rife with choices for new and beginner vapor cigarette users. (Sometimes, it can feel a bit like too much selection if you just want to get your e-cig in the mail and start vaping.)

One popular choice for the smokeless cigarette newbie is Blu Cigs, one of the oldest and most established internet purveyors of the devices. A small but comprehensive selection of cartomizers and a simple, two-piece design are two of the reasons beginners dig Blu Cigs, and consistent ordering processes and customer service mean many users return to re-order their vapor cigarettes from Blu Cigs.

If you’re looking for another trusted brand but want a slightly larger flavor selection or a bigger variety of starter options, V2 Cigs is another well-known brand smokeless cigarette users tend to favor for their strong customer support and solid product offerings. With seven kits, not counting accessories, V2 Cigs are a great choice if you know off the bat you want extra batteries, a more included cartridges or a few more chargers.

Have you made the switch partially or entirely from analogs to vapor cigarettes? Which model is your favorite?

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