The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette Review

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The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette Review

Sorting through the vast number of e-cigarette options can be a bit overwhelming at first, and a popular option for first time e-cig users is The Safe Cig.

Unlike many other vendors, The Safe Cig offers a relatively straightforward selection of starter kits at three levels, and a simple to navigate assortment of cartridges in three flavors and four strengths. (For a total of 16 selections- e.g., Menthol Low, Classic Tobacco High or Traditional Ultra Low.)

So what makes the Safe Cig different?
The main unique cited between the Safe Cig and other popular e-cigs is the connection between the battery and the cartomizer, the Safe Cig has the two-piece design, but the Safe Cig is unique for its “male” adapter, allowing for more fluid to be held in the cartridge and ostensibly a longer vaping experience between cartomizer changes. Some users report cartomizers lasting as long as two packs of cigarettes, but the yield likely varies depending on draw strength and e-smoking frequency.

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