Safeguard your Pet’s Health with Ecig

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Safeguard your Pet’s Health with Ecig

Being addicted to nicotine is no joke and no-one ever said it would be easy to gain control over your smoking habit and to quit for good. It doesn’t matter how many times someone says to you how dangerous smoking is either; it’s about your personal choice and your inner conviction that determines whether you give up or not.

There is a lot of talk about passive smoking and the dangers to those who are close to you. This might weigh on your mind quite heavily but remember, it’s not just your closest family and friends who are at risk, especially if you smoke at home, it is your pets that are at risk too.

If you have pets, you will know just how important they are to you and their continued health lies in your hands. Sure, you might feed them the best foods, brush them every day, pamper and spoil them but if you smoke, you are putting your pets at risk.

Do your pets have allergies? Smokers often fail to realise that their beloved pet’s allergy is the result of breathing in second-hand smoke. To give you an example, if you keep birds, parrots or any bird within the parrot family, may suddenly start to wheeze or perhaps you have noticed that your parrot has started to pull out its feathers. This can be an indicator of several things but essentially, it can be a reaction to the nicotine through contact resulting in dermatitis.

Dogs might bite or scratch their skin if they are regularly exposed to your smoking and did you know that your dog is 3 times more likely to develop lung cancer than if your dog lived in an environment where there is no smoke? If you have a dog, never, ever just discard your cigarette butts because if ingested, it can be very dangerous to your pet.

Cats are at risk too and you need to keep an eye out for symptoms such as irregular heartbeat, vomiting or diarrhoea. It’s easy for cats to contract cancer too through being around your cigarette smoke and they may start to develop respiratory problems.

Taking control of your nicotine addiction isn’t easy but if you love those around you and consider your pets as part of your family, it’s only fair to get a grip of this addiction before it threatens the lives of those around you and of course, badly damages your own health. If you don’t want to give up smoking, you can of course go outside to indulge in your habit but remember that the smoke clings to your hair, your clothes and traces will be on your fingers. It’s important to wash your hands before touching your pets to avoid risk of dermatitis.

There is an easier way of course. Electronic cigarettes can help you to control your addiction by giving you a smoke- free alternative. E-cigarettes eliminate the risk of passive smoking immediately because it contains no harmful chemicals such as tar or carbon monoxide, in fact, the electronic cigarette contains none of the harmful 4000 + chemicals that traditional cigarettes do. Just think of the difference to your health, your family’s and those of your pets?

Whilst electronic cigarettes give off a smoke-like substance, it is actually only water vapour and so completely harmless so you can happily smoke indoors to your heart’s content. Even better, if you really do want to give up smoking for good, you can use electronic cigarettes to help you to gain control over your smoking habit because e-cigarettes come in a variety of nicotine strengths – high, medium, low and some with no nicotine content at all.

There will be no residue on your hands or stale smoke odour on your clothes or clinging to your hair so there is absolutely no way that by using electronic cigarettes that you can be causing harm to anyone at all including your pets. Now surely that is a much healthier option for all?

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