Choose Electronic Cigarettes for your Health’s Sake

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Choose Electronic Cigarettes for your Health’s Sake

If you care about your body and indeed your life, as a smoker it’s time to wise up to the dangers of smoking traditional cigarettes. They are packed full of dangerous toxins that can have a terrible impact on your health.

Did you know that there are over 4000 chemicals in your typical cigarette and that you inhale these chemicals each and every time that you smoke? Smokers often bury their heads in the sand when it comes to knowing the damage that smoking can do. It’s a blinkered effect because not facing up to the reality merely exposes you to greater danger in the long run. As a prime example, some of the chemicals that are available in a traditional cigarette are: Ammonia- found in toilet cleaner and dry cleaning fluids, Benzene-which is a pesticide and petrol additive. Arsenic – this substance is used in rat poison and Lead Paint- a high toxic substance that can cause vomiting and damage your brain.

There are many more chemicals in your cigarettes but you can see at a glance why you should stop smoking or at the very least move over to electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are also typically known as e-cigarettes and the smokeless cigarette and an electronic cigarette comes close to the full smoking experience and this is why so many smokers are putting away their cigarettes and lighters and choosing the electronic version.

An electronic cigarette does not contain any tobacco, only nicotine and some taste enhancing ingredients. So let’s make it clear, an electronic cigarette does not contain any of the toxic, cancer causing and life threatening chemicals that were mentioned previously. This has to be a good thing if you are a smoker and have health concerns.

With the electronic cigarette, you can pretty much smoke it anywhere you like. This is a great benefit if you hated the fact that you were banned from smoking in most places and had to smoke outside when your nicotine addiction called. There is no tar inside an electronic cigarette so every time you inhale, you can safely enjoy your smoking experience knowing that no dangerous tar deposits are infiltrating your lungs.

If you are wondering how it works, it really is simple, it’s made up of a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge all enclosed within an exterior tube. There is no need for matches or a lighter, because as soon as you inhale, you start to breath in nicotine. It’s a seamless process and many former traditional smokers have found the smoking experience to be excellent but that it also helped them to reduce the amount of smoking required to enable them to get sufficient nicotine.

Now in an ideal world, it is better to not have any nicotine at all but it depends what you want as a smoker and whether you would like to reduce your smoking or stop completely. Many of the electronic cigarettes have nicotine but not all so they can be used to manage your addiction slowly and safely without your having to endure all of the horrendous withdrawal symptoms. This will be a great bonus for family and friends too who may have been concerned about your smoking and terrified that you would succumb to a smoking related illness. Another plus point is that there is no harmful secondary or third hand smoke which can harm those around you as the electronic cigarette is odourless so you won’t have that lingering cigarette odour that clings to your clothes and your hair.

In addition, if you like a little bit of variety; electronic cigarettes have been designed with this in mind. How do you fancy smoking an apple, strawberry or menthol electronic cigarette? You can choose whether this appeals or whether you prefer a more traditional flavour.

Whilst testing is currently being carried out in some countries to ensure that electronic cigarettes are as healthy as they seem to be, it is important to reflect on what we do know, and that is that they do not contain any of the harmful carcinogens of traditional cigarettes so there is already over 4000 reasons why you should make the transition and embrace the electronic cigarette.

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