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During the last 25 years or so society has been raging war against cigarette smoking. It has become increasingly difficult to find a safe place to light up without generating dirty looks or even getting a ticket. With the recent research done on not only the damage caused by the burning chemical additives and the dangers to non-smokers from second hand smoke, it is no wonder that the smoking lamp has been all but extinguished in most of the world.

Electronic cigarettes are changing all of that by removing not only the effects of second hand smoke by providing a smokeless nicotine delivery system but the removal of all of the other chemicals produced by burning tobacco has made e-cigs the choice of nicotine users all over the world. Electronic cigarettes produce no smoke simply because there is nothing to burn. A nicotine solution, without the dangerous additives, is slowly warmed by a tiny heating element to produce a light nicotine vapor which is inhaled. There are no fumes, risks of fire or reason for anyone near you to complain.

Get Smokeless Now is one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market. When you purchase a cigarette you are supplied with six refill cartridges, one more than most company’s supply you with and you have a 30 day, money back guarantee, that Get Smokeless Now is everything it is promised to be. The cigarette cartridge looks exactly like a real cigarette and the amount of money you save by using this new product can, depending on how much you use, save you up to $2500 a year on cigarettes simply by cutting out all the state and federal taxes that are attached to tobacco products.

Give Get Smokeless Now a try and see if the rediscovered sensation of enjoying nicotine wherever you want to and the amount of savings are what you are looking for.

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