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ALL Electronic Cigarette Review

With the electronic cigarette, there is no second-hand smoke and no odor of tobacco. The electronic cigarette smoker is not bothering anyone with smoke, puffing out smoke filled carcinogens which have been an irritation to non-smokers ever since tobacco became popular after its discovery in the Americas. The negatives of cigarette smoking simply do not occur with this micro chip, vaporizing electronic cigarette technology. There is no tar or tobacco, just the taste of what smokers have craved over the years. This nicotine taste does not get into the air and pollute the surrounding space because there is no smoke, just vapors that only last for a few brief seconds.

The e cig is a healthy replacement for the traditional cigarette. It is an electronic device made up of three essential parts: battery, vaporizer and mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is what gives taste to the smoker. The mouthpiece can be adjusted to fit different tastes from nicotine to non-nicotine. Even the type of cigarette taste can be modified, changed and adjusted on the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is where it happens for the smoker. However, it is the vaporizer that produces the vapor that appears to be like real smoke.

Since this is sophisticated technology, one wonders if the electronic cigarette is going to be a drain on the pocketbook. As a matter of fact, just the opposite is the case. The electronic cigarette can save the smoker a lot of money. How you ask? The electronic cigarette mouthpiece that holds the taste of the cigarette can be used many times before it needs to be changed. Unlike the traditional cigarette, that once it is smoked up it is no longer usable, the electronic cigarette can be stored and reused over and over.

You just can’t say no to something so much better than what you have been using for years. Your smoking experience is many times better, tastier and healthier and you still have the appearance of a traditional cigarette. You can have your cigarette now and benefit from technology that takes smoking out of the past. The past is gone! Now you can live in the new world of cigarettes thanks to technology and what technology is doing to improve your smoking experience. You can now partake of something that is out of the beta phase and is the real thing. You can now enjoy the act of smoking even share with others, but not be the one contributing to their bad health or be the one victimized by the dangers of traditional cigarettes.

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