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Prado E-Cig Smoking Alternative Review

Prado E Cig Review and Discounts

Are you a smoker? If not I’m sure that you know someone who is. Smokers are really getting a bad name lately. Everyone is talking about second and third hand smoke and the carcinogens released into the environment when a cigarette is lit. Smokers smell like…well let’s face it, like smoke. Their houses and cars and clothes smell like smoke even if they do not smoke in them because the smoke is on their clothes, hair and skin. Smokers are not allowed to smoke inside in most states now and the places where we are allowed to smoke (our own homes) will be diminishing quickly as more and more legislation is passed. So how does today’s smoker manage to get their nicotine and their stress relief when we are not allowed to smoke anywhere?

Prado is a company that manufactures an electronic cigarette. What is an electronic cigarette? It is a stainless steel tube that is painted to look like a real cigarette. It runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery that is charged with a USB adapter. When you turn the cigarette on, the operating mode sensor detects when you inhale on the cigarette. It activates the LED light at the end of the tube to simulate you taking a drag of the cigarette. It also activates the smart chip which in turn turns on the heating coil which heats the liquid container making the steam that nicotine will mix with and carrying it to the smoker’s mouth. This allows the smoker to enjoy their nicotine at any place and at any time without breaking laws or disturbing the people around them.

When you order your kit, you will get a lifetime warranty, the lithium ion battery, the stainless steel atomizer, 20 cartridges, a wall charger and a USB charger and a quick start manual all in a collector’s gift box. As far as the price goes, you will be surprised to find that the price is comparable to and even a little less than the exorbitant prices that you are already paying for your cigarettes.

You will find with Prado’s electronic cigarettes that you are able to enjoy your nicotine in more places and without the hassle of having to wait or go outside to do so. You will smell better and your family will thank you for it because their air will be cleaner too.

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