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List of E Cig & Electronic Cigarette Brands

AltSmoke Distributor of unique and “advanced” e-cig models like the popular Ego-T, the Alpha and the OmeGa.

Bloog Home of the Fusion and MaxxFusion devices, Bloog cartridges are said to have more vapor per puff and more puffs per cartomizer than most other e-cigs.

Blu Cigs One of the most popular, if not the most, e-cig version on the market. Unique for the charging carry case that looks like a regular analog pack.

Cigana “Tobacco is so passé,” states this site- carts for the standard style white and yellow cigs come in standard menthol and tobacco as well as cherry and almond flavors.

Cloud 9 Cloud 9 offers several options for the new and experienced e-smoker, with starter kits in hard packs available for under $25.

Elektric Blue A standard style cig with signature blue atomizer and three-piece design.

Greensmoke Another hugely popular brand, Greensmoke offers simple two-piece designs and trusted products.

Janty Janty’s slick site offers a nice selection of standard e-cigs, like a version of the 510, as well as more unique models for serious vapers, like the Janty Stick.

Luci A unisex line with a strong female bent to its advertising, the Luci site offers solid options and an informative analog cigarette to cartomizer benchmark.

Njoy One of the oldest e-cig brands, Njoy cigarettes are available on several sites and also in a few bricks and mortar shops.

Pro Smoke A standard cigarette-sized e-cig, Pro Smoke offers two starter kit options, and VG-only cartridges in several flavors.

Smokeless Delite In addition to a robust number of starter kits, Smokeless Delite offers branded carts in flavors like pineapple and strawberry.

SmokeStik Earning the distinction of most popular celebrities, it was a gorgeous pink SmokeStik that Katherine Heigl puffed on David Letterman’s show recently. Offers unisex items as well as some fashion models.

Smoking Everywhere Pricey but well known, Smoking Everywhere offers many starter kit options as well as a disposable cigar version.

South Beach Smoke A standard style e-cig, South Beach Smoke’s wildly popular e-cigs offer four starter kit options as well as six cart flavors for a respectable but not confusing e-cig shopping experience.

The Safe Cig Six levels of nicotine in the Safe Cig’s cartridge selections as well as a 30-day guarantee makes this brand an excellent choice for the new e-smoker seeking to find their most compatible e-cigarette.

White Cloud This brand promotes its e-cigs as small, light, compact and high capacity. The Cirrus II is an even more compact offering by White Cloud.