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Five of the Coolest E-Cigarette Accessories

Electronic Cigarettes aren't only a smoke-free alternative to traditional analogs, they're also infinitely more customizable. While tobacco cigarettes generally are available in regular, light, menthol or menthol light, e-cigs come in literally hundreds of flavors and strengths to suit your tastes.

Flavoring aside, e-cigarettes are also far more fashion friendly than cigarettes. Cigarettes almost universally are produced in all-white or white and yellow, and shapes hardly vary at all. Electronic cigarettes come in an array of colors, varying lengths and some even sport crystal LEDs- as seen on the Blu Cigs included in the 2011 Academy Awards swag bags.

Yes, options are vast and chances are there's an e-cigarette out there that compliments your style. But above and beyond that, e-cigarettes are not generally disposable like analog cigarettes. As such, there are also very many accessories to choose from to enhance and accessorize your e-smoking experience. Here are five of the more creative, stylish or convenient accessories available for electronic cigarette users.

Skins. Do you have a skin for your laptop or iPod? If you've never seen them, skins are thin, sometimes protective coatings that change the look of an electronic device.

E-cigarette skins are becoming more and more popular, and companies like Cigarti offer an array of designs to add visual interest to your e-cig. CigSkinz also has a large number of options, trending more towards pictures than patterns.

Charms and Crystals. Cellphones often sport charms, but e-cigs are far more suited to sparkly danglers. Vapography is really ahead of the game when it comes to electronic cigarette bling, and among their offerings is a large selection of charms and crystals to fit most e-cig models. Also available are super-disco diamond wraps.

Flavor bands. If you aren't stuck on a single flavor, you know that a) it's pretty easy to forget which one you've

been dripping and b) not all flavor combinations are desirable. (Mint and banana, for instance.)

Keep track of your cartridge flavors with flavor bands- color-coordinated elastics that make organizing them far more straightforward.

Fancy cases. Most e-cig sellers offer at least one standard snap-shut case for carrying your electronic cigarette. But Johnson's Creek has a sleek and unique leather option, available in two sizes to fit most models of personal vaporizer. Space is included for spare batteries, atomizers and carts.

Lanyards. If you lose an analog cigarette or even a partial pack, it's not nearly as much of a bummer as losing your e-cigarette. For starters, cigarettes are more widely available and aren't as large of an initial investment.

E-cigs tend to roll off surfaces and can slide out of pockets or hide in the lining of purses or laptop bags. A lanyard to hold your electronic cigarette can be worn over or under clothes, and there are beaded and decorative varieties that look like necklaces if you want to accessorize with your e-cig. Most even allow vaping while the cigarette is safely in the case.

As e-cigarettes increase in popularity, expect the accessory choices to become even more plentiful. Have you invested in an indispensable electronic cigarette accessory? Which is your favorite?

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