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Electronic Cigarettes 101: Charging Your E-Cig and Replacing Cartridges

How to Refill Your EcigSo, you’ve done the research. You finally found the perfect e-cigarette, placed your order, and got that Christmas-like feeling when your shiny new electronic cigarette starter kit arrived on your front porch.

Most electronic cigarettes come with detailed operating instructions, but you probably have a few operational questions about your new e-cigarette or wonder what will happen if you need to troubleshoot it down the line.

E-cigarettes are pretty straightforward, for the most part. Simpler than powering up a new iPod or digital camera, generally all you need to do is charge your e-cigarette battery and assemble the device to start using your e-cig. What else do you need to know to have a seamless, uninterrupted vaping experience?

1.) How long does an e-cigarette battery remain charged?

The length of an e-cigarette battery charge is affected by a few factors. Battery strength is one, and this varies from brand to brand. Vaping frequency is another, and you won’t really know how this affects your charging schedule until you’ve used your e-cig for a few days.

Ordering a spare battery (many starter kits include a minimum of two) ensures you’re never stuck waiting for your electronic cigarette to charge. Most models with an LED tip will flash a few times before the battery needs to be recharged. If you’re switching batteries, make a habit of charging your spare while using the other.

2.) How long do cartridges or cartomizers last? How do I know when to refill or replace my cartomizer?

This is another factor that can be variable, but it won’t be a total mystery to you. For starters, one cartridge or cartomizer for your e-cigarette is roughly equivalent to a pack of cigarettes, or if you’re in Europe, 20 cigarettes.

This doesn’t mean you’ll use a cartridge per day if you smoked a pack a day, but it’s a good barometer for beginning to estimate your cartridge or cartomizer rate of use. Judging when to replace your cartridge or cartomizer is not too difficult- vapor produced by the old cartridge will become weaker, and “hits” will feel drier and less satisfying.

When you notice your e-cigarette is producing less vapor, it’s probably time to refill or replace your cartridge or cartomizer.

3.) How do I refill or replace my cartridge or cartomizer?

Out of all the questions beginning e-smokers ask, this is one of the most- if not the most- common query. If you’re using pre-filled cartridges or cartomizers, the process is as simple as discarding the old one and replacing it.

If you’ve chosen to refill your own cartridges, it’s still a relatively easy task. (This is the more popular route, not only because it’s less expensive, but also due to the huge assortment of delicious flavors available to e-cig users through many web vendors.)

Generally, all you need to do is remove the old cartridge, and extract the little piece of polyester in which the liquid is held. Add 5-10 drops of nicotine liquid to the empty cartridge, and gently replace the batting with the pair of tweezers. Add a few more drops of nicotine liquid and your cartridge should be fully refilled and ready to use.

What did you need assistance with when you got your first e-cigarette? Have you ever needed to troubleshoot your electronic cigarette at home?

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