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8 Feminine, Stylish E-Cigarettes For Women

Top Electronic Cigarettes for WomenSure, you can use them nearly anywhere (unlike analog cigarettes) without lingering smoke odors or ashes all over your car.

But undeniably, one of the coolest things about purchasing an e-cigarette is picking a model that totally compliments your personal style.

Both genders can appreciate selecting an e-cigarette that looks cool, but an increasing number of e-cigarette users are looking for stylish, girly e-cigarettes.

Here are eight options for style-conscious e-smokers:

1. Green Smoke Stylish Pink Long Battery:

Meant for existing Green Smoke users, this delicate pink battery pairs with Green Smoke cartomizers, with a green LED that lights red when active. Yellow cartomizers lend a bit of a classic analog cig look to these highly rated personal vaporizers.($49.99, battery only)

2. Blu Cigs Starter Kit:

Not everyone is into pink, but if you're looking for a stylish option that matches everything, the sleek black Blu Cigs Starter Kit is an excellent choice. It has a bright blue LED, and charges in the pack, making it one of the most portable e-cigs on the market. ($69.95)

3. V2 Long Cig 140mm Battery:

Another battery mod for existing users, this glamorous, lengthy battery comes in black, white or stainless steel. It comes in either manual or automatic, and in addition to having a long profile, the battery life is also extended. ($24.95)

4. Totally Wicked Tornado E-Nic Starter Kit:

Totally Wicked's Tornado is a favorite of seasoned e-cig users everywhere, with a sturdy frame and copious vapor- a definite selling point. This manual model has a light-up button and comes in bubblegum pink or lipstick red. Like most Totally Wicked products, construction is solid and products have detailing, like an engraved Totally Wicked logo on the cig's end.

5. SmokeStik Pink Limited Edition Starter Kit or Hendu Elite Starter Kit:

Pink is my personal preference, but if you're more of a purple girl, these girly e-cigarettes win hands down in that regard. The SmokeStik Pink Limited Edition Starter Kit looks like what Barbie would use if she had an e-cig- a perfect 1960s pink with cubic zirconia LED, trimmed in gold that calls to mind a solitaire engagement ring. The SmokeStik Hendu Elite Starter Kit comes in a sophisticated brushed silver with a matching cartomizer and a jewel-like purplish-blue LED. Although the SmokeStik Pink Limited Edition Starter Kit is only available while supplies last, the SmokeStik Hendu Elite Starter Kit is part of the line's permanent stock. ($99)

6. Joye 510 Starter Kit in Pink:

The Joye 510 was my first e-cigarette, and that's the case for many e-cig users, due to its ease of use, durability and popularity within the "vaping" community. This "kit" is actually just atomizers and batteries in pink for someone who already has cartridges and chargers. But the LED is purple, making this popular starter cig a good choice for beginning e-smokers who want a girly pink option.

7. MaxxVapor Pro in Pink with Pink LED:

A nice, standard and sturdy personal vaporizer, this model comes standard with a pink case or car charger in addition to the average e-cigarette starter kit goodies. It's also a long model, mimicing the lengthy cigarette holders fashionable women used to use. ($69.99)

8. Nicotine Green E-Series Starter Kit:

This model comes in "bubblegum pink" and "royal purple," with a wall charger and starter tip. ($69.99)

What style options do you look for in an e-cigarette? Did you factor in fashion when selecting your e-cigarette?

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  1. Andy G. March 6, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    Where did you find the Nicotine Green E-Series? Bubblegum, is that a flavor or is that a starter kit name?

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