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What are Electronic Cigarettes

The e-cigarette is an alternative replacement for the traditional cigarette. It is an electronic device made up of three essential components: battery, vaporizer and mouthpiece. Ecigs now come in a variety of flavors, from menthol to even flavorless with no nicotine. Whether you’re trying to quit smoking or just have a better smoking experience, the electronic cigarette is the latest in smoking technology. Take a look at the reviews above and choose the ecig brand that works for you.

Unbiased E-Cigarette Reviews

Seal of ExcelleceSince the first electronic cigarette was introduced, we are happy to be one of the top electronic cigarette review sites. We have a team of experts, smoking advocates, and reviewers who take into consideration all the information necessary for you to make the right decision. With tons and tons of brands being introduced to the market, we will inform you on having the best smoking experience possible. Go ahead and check out the top 5 ecigs above.

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